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Outlier is a technology company active since January 2016. In order to ensure value-added collaboration with its customers, Outlier's competencies cover the different phases of digital transformation, from conceptual definition to the implementation of technological solutions. To stay competitive companies must follow the reality of an increasingly digital world and find new ways to share information with their customers and deliver products and services along the value chain. The transition to the digital economy gives organizations competitive advantages.

Those that can successfully execute this transformation process, meet or exceed customer expectations in a systematic way. The transition processes to the digital paradigm must be properly analyzed and planned in a rigorous way and in line with the organizations strategic objectives. Outlier brings together the expertise needed to assist its customers throughout the digital transformation process including the advice on strategic decisions, development of their digital platforms and provision of business technology tools.

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Digital transformation consulting. Strategic and organizational alignment, process optimization, technological evolution, project management and PMO (Project Management Office).


Skills in design, development and implementation of web and mobile technology solutions. Implementation, configuration and integration of Microsoft platforms. Information management in web and mobile platforms.


Our products as SaaS (Software as a Service) applications to address business support needs, available in the cloud through subscription models.

The joint work of these four business units allows us to cross-support companies in their transformation initiatives.